Company Type: Communications group
Application: Telephone directories
Configuration: 8 user Mac, ethernet network
Data Source: MS SQL Server, Access
User View: LinkUP Enterprise and Genesis enable us to produce several telephone directories. As well as full facilities for running the advertising campaigns, the system offers a fully integrated searchable Internet site.
Product: LinkUP Enterprise and Genesis Directory Publishing System

Kingston Information Services Limited is part of the Kingston Communications Group with an impressive history of innovation stretching back to 1902, when Hull City Corporation was granted a license to operate a telephone network in the Hull area. By 1947 subscribers had increased dramatically and the first combined classified and alphabetical listing was published. In the 1980s the UK's first all digital exchange was opened in Hull, and in 1987 the Hull City Telephone Department became a public company able to grow via routes open to normal business. Today Hull's telephone system is one of the most advanced networks serving around 200,000 customers across 120 square miles, and is the local core of a group providing telecommunications services and products nationally and internationally.

The Hull Yellow Pages (now known as the Hull Colour Pages) is the only 'yellow pages' classified directory in the UK that is not controlled by BT. The classified directory has developed significantly over the past few years, first with the introduction of spot red advertising and in 1998 full colour options were available for the first time. The popularity and size of the directories has gone from strength to strength and, as a result, the company now distributes a massive 250,000 copies to Hull and surrounding areas.
Manx Telephone & Business Directory and Jersey and Guernsey Telephone Directories are also produced using our systems.

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