Company Type: Direct marketing  
Application: Stamp sheets production  
Configuration: Mac, ethernet network  
Data Source: SQL Database  
User View: Rapid generation of marketing media.  
Product: Mac LinkUP ODBC as a component of: Stamp-o-Matic system by DPCI

Publishers Clearing House needed to cut the cost of producing direct mail components. Their management conducted a full scale business study and determined that stamp sheet production was costing the company upwards of three million dollars annually.

Designers manually placed images, then re-keyed pricing and descriptive copy for each stamp on a given sheet. Much of the work was outsourced at considerable cost. DPCI created a content management system that stores images and copy for all products and magazines that PCH sells. Stamp-o-Matic, a new web-based application developed by DPCI software development team, has replaced a five-day manual process with one that builds documents in thirty seconds!

PCH now has a corporate intranet to share the workload among staff for managing the company’s content. The possibilities are endless, virtually any direct mail piece can now be automatically generated from Stamp-o-Matic. Content can be re-expressed to Web, PDA, or virtually any medium. DPCI is bringing corporate publishers to the vanguard of automated business publishing.

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