Company Type: Part of Sonoco - global packaging
Application: Packaging
Configuration: 3 user Mac, ethernet network
Data Source: FoxPro, FileMaker, MS SQL
User View: Enabled database-driven production of packaging material without re-entering the data during the production process. Invaluable when dealing with content information such as chemical composition or substance names. Managing customer data sets Trident apart from other reprographics companies and enables rapid customer communication in terms of identifying products by their ingredients.
Product: LinkUP Enterprise

Pioneered by Trident, advances in packaging artwork, reprographics and print provide a benchmark of excellence to which others can only aspire. Expertise. Innovation. Responsiveness. Flexibility. These are the key principles on which Trident was founded in 1993. The same principles have underpinned the impressive rate of growth that has already established Trident as a leading name in the print and packaging industry. Trident UK (Beverley, East Yorkshire) and Trident USA (Charlotte, North Carolina) are part of US-based Sonoco, the world's premier packaging group.

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